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Paradise July 19, 2010

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Aloha from Hawii,

If god created a paradise I would say he paid extra special attention to this place, it is beautiful. I mean as soon as you get off the plane your jaw will just drop. Or at least mine did, I’m a country girl but where I am from the land is flat and the weather is bipolar. Here, the mountains are breathtaking, the weather is perfect. It is all just wonderful.

I didn’t know what I was expecting, tiki huts maybe. But there aren’t any. I was expecting hotels everywhere but they seem to only be along the coast. The beaches are so crowded, get there early or don’t go at all because you will never find a good spot. There are just too many people here.

My family and I are staying in a house that we rented out for the week and a few day, it is wonderful. I mean I’m spoiled for life. No more hotels for me. We have our own beach, own dock, own pool. Two kitchens, eight bedrooms. It is surreal, literally.

The only bad thing I can think of is the jetlag, OMG!


A Quickie July 9, 2010

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Being a writer, is it a known thing that I don’t know being that I’m new at this that; no matter how much you write. You still feel inadequate. It is a constant feeling knowing that I can do better, I want to do better always but I just don’t know how to reach where I want to be. 

Writing is bleeding out your soul, or at least letting it leak through. Using your feelings and a little bit of your brain to create moods of characters, settings, dialogue. It is a constant worry that I am not meeting the standard. Then I have to remember that it is a craft that has to be honed over time, practice and patience. I will get better- hopefully- I just have to work, pray, and work some more. It would be a miricale if I got to where I wanted to be in a year, I would start playing the lotto if it did happen. 

Until I get where I want to be, I will write, bleed, and live. Those are normal things, right? 


It is work that I enjoy, then that means it isn’t work. It is something that if I could do for the rest of my life I would be perfectly content with myself. 

signed, an aspiring writer. 




quotes June 29, 2010

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A Bath June 22, 2010

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Today, I gave the dog a bath. Sure this sounds like an easy, possibly fun task. HAH!

My dog, Sam, has the mind of a cat. If she sees water coming her way she is gone, literally. She won’t even come to eat if the water bowl is missing, that is how paranoid she is!

But see, I got smart, after six years I finally learned how she knew she was getting a bath. She has an incredible sense of ESP, that and she know what B-A-T-H spells.

So, today I grabbed her leash and took her outside, she was super excited. She loves walks as much as she hates water. To leashed her up and tied her to the fence. *Smile.

She was fine until she saw me get the hose, then all hell broke lose, I think we might owe my neighbors for a new fence board.

At the first spray of water, she howled like I was killing her. I wasn’t it was just harmless water, then shampooing. She glared at me the whole time *I kill you* she said with every look as I rinsed her off.

*I will never forgive you* she growled as I reshampooed her.

When I rinsed her off for the second time she looked like I was finally going to kill her.

*I hate you* she yapped as I toweled her dry. *Hate you, hate you, hate you-”

I brought out her brush and her tail started wagging. *I won’t hate you as much if you brush my tummy.* she rolled over her earlier hatred of me forgotten in the foot twitching belly rub.

Now I sit in my kitchen watching get mocked by the squirrels in our tree. They are chirping about how clean she is. She looks at me ever so often *I hate you.*

But I ignore it because her tails goes tock-tock. Her universal sign for just kidding.


Not so innocent nursery rhymes. *evil laugh* June 9, 2010

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Okay so, I started writing a ghost story a few days ago, and I needed a nursery rhyme. Naturally, Ring around the rosy came to mind. We use to sing in Elementary, never knew what it meant but we knew to fall at the end. So, I decide to look of the meaning behind one of America’s favorite nursery rhymes.

“Ring around the Rosy

Pocket full of Posy

Ashes, Ashes,

We all Fall Down”

Just another innocent and meaningless rhyme? It depends on your definition of innocence, for this song was born during a time so terrible it constituted a loss of innocence for the whole of Europe.

It is quite old… in fact it is more than five centuries old. But even though it is ancient, the origin of this song can be pinpointed very precisely within a 3 year period: 1347 – 1350.

Between these three years, fully one third of Europe’s population is estimated to have perished in what was called

The Black Plague

Children are resilient and ever adaptable. Imagine the children of the day, coping with the horror… and you can imagine the games they would play…

Ring around the Rosy

One of the first visible signs of infection were red rings surrounding a rosy bump, all over the victim’s body.

Pocket full of Posy

A common belief of the time was that the plague was borne on “foul air.” The rationale was that people could protect themselves from the bad air by keeping their local air smelling sweet. That, and it also helped them deal with the smell of death…

On the other hand, another sign of infection was the foul stench that would begin to emanate from the victim’s body as their lymph system began filling with blood. Those still mobile endeavored to mask their stench and avoid detection by carrying flowers on their person.

Ashes, Ashes,

In the terminal phases of the disease, victims would be hemorrhaging internally, sometimes triggering sneezing as it irritated the breathing passages. “Ashes” is a child’s approximation of a paroxysm of sneezing. In this weakened state, a victim could, and often did, sneeze their lungs out.

We all Fall Down

By now, this one should need little explanation…

See, this also got me thinking about another nursery rhyme. I know people use to sing rock a bye baby. If your parents didn’t sing it to you then, girls I know at least sung this rhyme to their dolls at least once.

“Rock a bye baby – in the tree top…”

A soothing childhood lullaby, right? You probably had it sung to you when you were an infant.
(But what’s a cradle doing in a tree top? Is that safe?)

“When the wind blows – the cradle will rock…”

Heck, you probably sang it to your siblings, dolls, or your own children.
(A rocking cradle, nice soothing image.)

“When the bough breaks – the cradle will fall…”

But did you ever listen to the words?
(When the bough breaks!? Hey, wait a minute! This is getting serious!)

“And down will come baby – cradle and all!”

What exactly is it we are supposed to be teaching our children with this little gem of a song? Doesn’t it seem a bit strange to plant such images subconsciously?
(And they wonder why kids have nightmares…)

If this interested you at all, I strongly suggest that you look up some of the songs that were sung to you as a child, you might be surprise at the meaning behind most of them. I was.


My Something. June 4, 2010

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I just posted another chapter to my story Autumn’s Beginning. And I’m about to post another chapter to Wish, I Never. After that I will be just a girl with blue toe nails who has a date with her four best friends; Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte, and Carrie. If you need me I will be at the movies to see Sex and the City 2.


Forever Playlist June 3, 2010

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Summer is in full swing for me. Busy, busy, busy me. I’m so tired, what happen to it’s all about relaxing on your break. Between trying to find a job, editing, and fighting off the flu. It’s been a full work load, oh, and school for me starts Monday. Summer School!!! yeay me! 

Anyway, I came across major writer’s block two days ago. Jason, my best friend, told me music would help. He even gave me a playlist. I will never tell him this, but it did. Music save me. When I was done I decided it would be fun to make aplaylist for all the characters of my book. A small playlist showing what the characters of Autumn’s forever would listen to if they all had I Pods.


  1. Selena Gomez- Naturally
  2. Raven Simone- Superstition
  3. Miley Cyrus- See You Again.
  4. The Jonas Brother- S.O.S
  5. Aly& A.J- Chemical Reaction
  6. 6. Mandy Moore- Stupid Cupid
  7. 7. The Cheetah Girls- A La Nanita Nana
  8. 8. Paramore- Crushcrushcrush
  9. 9. Frankie J.- Daddy’s Little Girl
  10. 10. Amos Lee- Sweet Pea



  1.  Evanescence- Call Me When Your Sober
  2.  Coldplay- viva la vida
  3.  Daughtry- Life After You
  4.  The Fray- How to Save a Life.
  5.  Flowboat- No Handle Bars
  6.  Atreyu – Her Portrait In Black
  7.  Honor Society- Where Are they Now.
  8.  My Chemical Romance- To The End
  9. Cinderella- Nobody’s Fool
  10. Rhianna- Te Amo


  1. Edwina Hayes- Feels Like Home
  2. Marina Mena- Sorry
  3. Snow Patrol- Set Fire to the Third Bar.
  4. Amanda Perez- I Pray (Never Forget)
  5. Evanescence- Haunted
  6. Ingrid Michealson- Be Ok
  7. Cyndi Thomson- I always liked that best.
  8. Justin Nozuka- After Tonight
  9. Utada Hikaru- Hear Me Cry
  10. Maria Mena- You’re the Only One.



  1. Green Day- Time of Your Life
  2. Jason Mraz-I’m Yours
  3. Rihanna- Russian Roulette
  4. Mario- Let me Love You
  5. Nickleback- Savin Me
  6. Seether- I’m Broken
  7. James Blunt- Carry You Home
  8. Edwina Hayes- Feel Like Home
  9. Green Day- Time of your Life
  10. Rufus Wright- Halleluiah



  1. Gavin DeGraw- I’m in love with a girl
  2. Bobby Valentino- Anonymous
  3. Eliot Yamin- Wait For You
  4. Katy Perry- Thinking of You
  5. Lovegame- Lady Gaga
  6. Plain White T’s- Hey there Delilah
  7. Buckcherry- Sorry
  8. Chris Brown- Forever
  9. Joe Purdy- Wash Away
  10.  Pink- Who Knew




  1. Amanda Blank- Make it Take It
  2. Blaque- As If
  3. Kesha- Tik Tok
  4. Nickleback- Rockstar
  5. Sleepy Rebels- Unbelievable
  6. Kelly Clarkson-Miss Independent
  7. Will I Am- I Got it from my Mama
  8.  Duffy- Rain on Your Parade
  9. Jessie James- Blue Jeans
  10. JoJo- Beautiful Girls Reply



  1. Brad Praisly- Don’t Laugh at Me
  2. Bon Jovi- We Weren’t Born to Follow
  3. Owl City- Fireflies
  4.  Nickleback- If Everyone Cared
  5. Regina Specktor- Laughing with
  6. Paramore- Misery’s Business
  7. OneRepublic- Stop
  8. James Blunt- Your Beautiful
  9. Gary Go- Wonderful
  10. Shinedown- All I Ever Wanted



  1. Miley Cyrus- The Climb
  2. Aly& Aj- Sticks and Stones
  3. Hilary Duff- Come Clean
  4. The Cheetah Girls- Cinderella
  5. Gary Go- Wonderful
  6. Justin Beiber- One Time
  7. Mandy Moore- I can break your heart any day of the week .
  8. Yael Naim- New Soul
  9. Vanessa Carlton- A Thousand Miles
  10. Paramore- Brick by Boring Brick