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Wonderful February 26, 2010

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God is good, all day everyday. I know this cause I walked into my Chemistry class today full of fear for what was to come I was shaking as I sat down in my seat and pull out my scantron and number two pencil and filled in my name. I tried my best to act as if i wasn’t scared but the test coming had me shaking.

I sat there for a good five minutes along with several other trembling college students. Finally ten minutes in our dear professor slowly peeks through the door to tell us he has a meeting and class as well as the devil test has been cancelled.

Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!

I’m not even kidding. I nearly started crying I was so happy.

So with a smile on my lips and the rest my day to contemplate I walk home to share the good news.


Part 2 February 24, 2010

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Today wasn’t long it was just. . .ah heck who am I kidding, it was long and cold.

Here is part two of my book list.



Beg For Mercy (Mercy Hollings, #1) Andrews, Toni 077832365X

Predetermined Endings (Paperback) Booze, Destiny 193616700X

Misguided Angel (Blue Bloods, #5) Cruz, Melissa de la

Kiss (Hardcover) Dekker, Ted 1595544704

Spider’s Bite (Elemental Assassin, #1) Estep, Jennifer 1439147973

Sphinx’s Queen (Hardcover) Friesner, Esther M. 0375856579

Postcards from a Dead Girl: A Novel (P.S.) Farber, Kirk 0061834475

Shadow Blade (Mass Market Paperback) Glass, Seressia 1439156794

The Price of Innocence (Paperback) Hopkins, Vicki 1441597697

Destiny’s Path (Warrior Princess, #2) Jones, Frewin 0060871466

Please Ignore Vera Dietz (Hardcover) King, A.S. 0375865861

Princess for Hire (Hardcover) Leavitt, Lindsey 1423121929


Part One: the book list February 23, 2010

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I have nothing to write about except that it was suppose to snow today and I haven’t seen a flake of anything so far. I decided to start posting list of my to read books. Some are out some are coming soon. Some are young adult others are urban and some are fantasy all seem interesting in summary. I have some historical fiction and just plain fiction. This is part one. I’ll leave it to you to pick out a book you like.

Queene of Light (Lightworld/Darkworld, #1) Armintrout, Jennifer 0778326624

Fairy Tale (Hardcover) Balog, Cyn 0385737068

Raised by Wolves (Hardcover) Barnes, Jennifer Lynn 1606840592

Rocky Mountain Oasis (Paperback) Bonner, Lynnette 1602902143 

The Karma Club (Hardcover) Brody, Jessica 0374339791

Hunted (Paperback) Browne, N.M. 1582349037

Naamah’s Curse (Hardcover) Carey, Jacqueline 0446198056

Magic Under Glass (Paperback) Dolamore, Jaclyn 1408802120

In a Heartbeat (Hardcover) Ellsworth, Loretta 0802720684

A Disobedient Girl: A Novel (Hardcover) Freeman, Ru 1439101957

His Invisible Wife (Urban Soul) Goss, Shelia M. 159983085X

Runemarks (Hardcover) Harris, Joanne 0375844449

The Star of Kazan (Paperback) Ibbotson, Eva 0142405825

Folly (Library Binding) Jocelyn, Marthe 0385907311

The Iron Queen (Iron Fey, #3) Kagawa, Julie

The Iron Daughter (Iron Fey, #2) Kagawa, Julie

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium, #1) Larsson, Stieg 0307454541

Love, Lies and Texas Dips (The Debs, #2) McBride, Susan 0385735200

Dark Flame (The Immortals, #4) Noel, Alyson 0312590970

Radiance (The Immortals Spin-off #1) Noel, Alyson

Birthmarked (Hardcover) O’Brien, Caragh M. 1596435690

Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart (Paperback) Patillo, Beth 0824947932

Siren (Hardcover) Rayburn, Tricia 1606840746

The Lovely Bones. Movie Tie-In (Perfect Paperback) Sebold, Alice 0316189413

Dear John (Hardcover) Sparks, Nicholas 0446528056

Trick of the Light (Trickster, #1) Thurman, Rob 0451462882

My Soul to Lose (Soul Screamers, Prequel) Vincent, Rachel

She’s No Faerie Princess (The Others, Book 2) Warren, Christine 0312347766

Except the Queen (Hardcover) Yolen, Jane 0451462734


Stolen February 21, 2010

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I don’t know whether to be mad or flattered that someone stole my work. So I’ll be mad, I just found out some one pasted my work and posted it as their own with another name last night. It was painfully obvious the witch who did it didn’t even change the name of the characters nor even a scrap of the plot. It hurt to think that you are so sad and pathetic that you have to go and steal my work or anyone else’s to call yourself a writer. I mean does it make them feel better that people are complimenting them for something that they never thought of in the first place? You must feel so accomplished.

I will say this, how sad for you. There is nothing for you in writing if the story is not yours. I spent months on that plot and story, I spent weeks planning out my character descriptions and it is gone in three seconds of copy and paste. Well that’s what I get for wanting feedback huh? Personally I didn’t think I was that good of a writer to have anyone steal from me. But now I’m questioning what i should do. Should I take down all my work and just write for myself or should I continue to post it and pray that it doesn’t get stolen again? What do you think? I have no idea but I do know I will rewrite that story and change things and go from there. For now it will stay posted and for the world to see. If you feel need to take my ideas then I will say this. How sad for you.


Are you serious?

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Once upon a time I thought I would have like to live in the sixteenth century, I love the idea when i was little whether I was a Princess of a simple Lady. I fell in love with the idea, the life and I really love the fashion, the dresses I fell in love with while I could always look to a man and laugh at his outfit. I thought it would be so romantic and grand well. . . I change my mind. Now that I think about the whole thing it sounds horrible.
Once I thought that the court of King Henry VIII would have been a glitz and glamorous place. I bet it was but never would I have like to roam his grounds back then. Yes a woman holds power but what if she doesn’t know how to wield it or worse the man knows she holds the leash. What happens then? I can’t imagine for the life of me what I would do if my family used me for political gain. What I would do if the person tire of me as soon as he had me. I couldn’t do it. I can’t imagine having to submit like some of those women did. (yes I watch the Tudors but so what.) The women in the sixteenth century really had to put on their big girl panties and deal with it.


I love my friends and by now I still am surprise by some of the things that come out of their mouths, especially my male friends. Tonight, just a few seconds ago something came out of my boyfriend’s mouth that surprised the mess out of me enough to make me drop my ice cream. (I never drop my food, he shocked me that much.) But some things still continue to shock me. like this conversation I had with my bf (you can call him a boyfriend if you want to but he’s more like a best friend.). 
Boyfriend: “would you do that for me?” 
Me: “Would I do what for you?” 

Boyfriend: “Marry to gain us financial stability” 

Me: (raises brow)”I don’t get it.”


Boyfriend: (patiently sighs while pausing the movie)”would you marry an old man for his money then ‘kill him’ so that you can marry me and we could live off his riches.”  

Me: (mouth hanging open, this is also the part where I drop my ice cream.) “So you mean that you would be alright with me being a whore?” 

Boyfriend: “Whore is such a strong word. Think of it as having your own sixteenth century sugar daddy.”  

Me: He has my full attention, damn the movie for the moment. “So you wouldn’t be mad?” 

Boyfriend: The idiot shakes his head. “No. should I be?’  

Me: My mouth drops at this point. “YES!!”  

Boyfriend: “Oh well,” he schools his face to his serious expression. “I’d be upset, but seriously babe, think about it. If he’s old all you need to do is a really sexy strip tease for him.” my sweet boyfriend smiles. “he’ll go right to sleep.”  

Me: “So your saying that you would let me marry an old man- instead of you- for his money and you would expect me to kill him?”  

Boyfriend: “Well” the idiot leans back. “kind of, we would get married later-”  

Me: “After I was rich!”  

Boyfriend: “Yep”  

Me: “And you were nothing more than a struggling courtier?”  

Boyfriend: “Yep.”  

ME: “So I’ll be rich and you’ll be poor. You’d let me be a whore-”  

Boyfriend: “For us of course.”  

Me: “what makes you think I’d take another look at your sorry ass in the first place?!”  

Boyfriend: Now he stares stupidly. “Because you fell for my smile and pretty words.”  

Me: “No more the Tudors for you.” I said and popped him on the forehead with an ice cream sticky hand.  

He grins and turns back on the Tudors.  

Five minutes later. . . “does that mean you’d do it?”  

Me: “SHUT UP!”  

The new season of the Tudors begins April 11, 2010.  


sounds February 20, 2010

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If I never hear the word construction again in my life that would be grand thing. I’m tired of the drilling, the Bams! the Clack! the Vrooms! the things that I just don’t know what are. I’m tired of the fumes of the paint and glue, I could build a tool box with all the saw dust in my lungs. I’m tired of things over flowing.

Every time we think it’s fixed, nope. It’s a pipe of something that isn’t or screwed on right, I think if you don’t know what you are doing you should leave it alone. Your still gonna get paid regardless I think I would rather pay you for coming out and say there is nothing you can do than pay you and I’m worse off than I was before. The last one is a thanks but no thanks.

It seems every time I come home something new is dripping or another room is flooding and has to be redone. I just don’t know what is going on with these people, do they think that we are going to call them back or something? Honey, I have news for you. If I call you out and ask you to fix something and two weeks later my kitchen den and wash room are flooded. . .yea. . . .just no. I’d rather have an inside swimming pool for a while.

This is the second time our downstairs has flooded, oh my god. I’m overwhelmed and frustrated and tired and I don’t even live here twenty four seven. I can’t imagine how it is for my family while Lauren and I are gone.

At least there is music at night. I get to listen to the ‘drip drip drippidy drip’ of our pipes as the water leaks into a pot. If I’m lucky I won’t hear the sounds of a kitchen waterfall at midnight.


Marriage February 18, 2010

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Duh dum dum bam!

To each her own. She has found her own and he ask for her hand in marriage. Do I approve, not really but as far as I know no one has ask for my opinion on anything. SO I smiled and said, yes, I will be your bridesmaid. I told her congratulations but I feel it won’t last. I know, it’s the wrong thing to think. You’re suppose to be all “live love and stuff” but I can’t not when he treats her so crappy. I can’t lie, I’m a horrible liar. Still I’ll smile and pretend to go along with it. Love is blind and there is nothing any of us can do until she she’s the light and how ugly he is when it shines through.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, I have no problem with outer physical features. We can’t help the way we look and I’ve never judge anyone for it. But when the ugliness within starts to bleed out for the world to see. . . yes I have a problem with that. I have a BIG problem with that especially if it is coming into my family.

I can’t live her life anymore than I can make decisions for her. For now I will smile and pray this doesn’t end the way it has before.

Until then I will go to fittings for a dress and submit to it, I will smile pretty and wear the bridesmaid dress and smile and do whatever else bridesmaids do. I won’t like it. I know i’m not going to like it one bit but I will do it and only make a few comments. . .