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Meaning February 6, 2010

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So, I was on face book at just the right time to see one of my friends post a very random thing. They got the meaning of their name and

being the curious person that I am. . . I did the same=)

there were a lot of them surprisingly but I only got the ones I like.

so here they are. . .



The embodiment of Tinker-belle; operates in a fairy-like state of mind, bothered by little; when angered becomes extremely vilotle, due to the disturbance of her aura.
2) Christas are intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, open-minded and kind. Christas are comfortable being a dork because they’re sexy as well. Christas have a natural talent for creating great food and doing all they can to please the ones they love.
Has a tendency to get a little obsessive but it’s pretty much harmless. Christas love to fall in love and need to be careful not to hurt feelings unintentionally.
I thought these were the funniest but there weren’t many my name isn’t as common as you would think it is. My sister’s name on the other hand. . is really really common and she hates it.
Now I’m looking up my last name. HOLLEY.
1) Somebody who doesn’t like being pushed to the limit. Who can keep her head up, even when you push her down to the core. Holley is not easily broken.
(that was the only one I liked)

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