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Romantics play the happy fools February 7, 2010

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What is it about love that just make us lose our heads? we say oh that will never happen me and noooo, I would never do that for anyone. Then here we go flipping over backwards and doing tricks to make the one we think we love happy. Falling in love is awful, being in love makes you forget yourself enough to be drawn in by someone else. You bend and bang yourself to please them. Then you can’t even get mad about it cause it makes you happy to see them happy.

What do you do when their smile is your world? what do you do when it is an off day when you go for a second with out thinking of them? When you see them light up and start to cry cause of it’s radiance. What do you do about it when you say “Go away, I hate you!” and they  call your bluff. Your anger makes them take one step closer, before you know it, you’re in their arms.

What are you to do when they say “I love you” what can you do to stop your heart from racing and the butterflies to settle in your stomach. The nervous smile will come anyway.

How do you say it? how do you say those three perfect words that at sometimes don’t seem enough to express how you feel? I don’t know but if someone ever finds out please make me the first one you tell.

When someone can come up with a remedy to keep from falling in love- keep it a secret or sell it to the highest bidder. Sell it for the highest price before they find out it’s a load of B.S.

There is nothing to stop anyone from falling in love the same way there is nothing to stop life from going on. They will both happen and we will all just have to learn how to deal with both. Love, a four letter word that is so frustratingly beautiful you don’t know whether to curse it or laugh at the way it works. It will hit you when you least expect it and where you would too. I doesn’t care who you are it doesn’t give a damn about what you want. It always finds a way around those little details. Love always finds away, and I think it likes a challenge. If you put up a fight it might just make it all the sweeter when it finally hits you bringing you to your knees.

All those “I would never” and “Nooo.” Will come to an end and you will feel all the symptoms of being in love. The tragic thing about it is; you will love every thing about it.

If  you want to know how I know this. . . .I don’t.

I’ve been in relationships where I have bent over backwards for someone I thought I loved but it wasn’t. . .I don’t want to be someone’s second choice. I want to be that special someone that they were nervous to approach but are forever happy they did. 

I’ve come another conclusion that the reason I feel like this is because I’m either a hopeless romantic or a stupid idiot delusional of reality. the problem with that is I don’t know which I would rather be. someone who believes in love or someone who believe in the impossible.


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