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PS&P February 10, 2010

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Has anyone ever read a book they had no intention on buying let alone reading because of the title? I have and just finished one. It’s funny cause I’m constantly doing it too. I’m a sucker for the titles and a bigger sucker for the pictures and if I just so happen to get in in a half price book store. . . I can do a happy dance and mean it so. . . .*happy happy happy dance.*

I mean it is the weirdest thing, and I’ll get to the book in a minute, when I see a great really recent book in the clearance section. It kind of makes me mad but then I figure hey, I guess it’s not that bad when I can get it for two bucks instead of eight, why the heck not. Another book for me.

But anyway the name of the book was Watersmeet by Ellen Jensen Abbott. If you know about the this book then you know it is a YA a book and if you don’t know what a YA book is shame on you. Just joking if you don’t know YA stands for Young Adult, and yes I still read teen books along with anything else I can get my hands on.

Anyway, Watersmeet is the story of a girl name Absina. Absina is born an ‘outcast.’ for all her life. This is because of her dark hair and green eyes, and because she is a bastard child. In the village of Vranille, being any of those things are a bad thing. When a great evil comes to her home Absina is ripped from her life and into the outside world she has never seen only heard about in horrible stories. After the murder of her mother, Absina sets out on a journey to find the father she has never know and rarely heard about. Her mother told her she can find him in Watersmeet.

That’s how the story began and I have to tell you it made me a little wary to read it but once I started I couldn’t stop even when I got frustrated with the character. I think I threw the book once. . . maybe twice. But that’s a good thing it only happens when the book makes you feel that’s what it’s suppose to do. Books are suppose to make you feel for the character whether it is for their triumphs or for their stupidity, they are suppose to make you feel something for the characters. That’s what this book did.

I hated that it was so prejudice especially the main character it felt like she had no will of her own she acted like an idiot that I wanted to reach through the book an smack some sense into her. Then we came to the end and I was so proud I was laughing after I got over the tears of what happen. I haven’t been that emotional over a book in so long.

I really hope I find a book that can compete with it really soon. I hope that one day my writing will be at that level if not better. All I can do is PS&P; Pray Search& Practice.


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