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Lost optimism February 12, 2010

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Always be optimistic, if you are there is a lower chance of you committing suicide.

My day was going great, woke up this morning and it was raining. That was probably, no, I’m sure that was the reason I rolled my butt out of bed twenty minutes later than I was suppose to. *smile*

I love English, love to write, love to read. I never thought some one would come along and steal that excitement from me. I’ve met my match in my Composition professor. I walk through the freezing cold rain that is blowing in my face because of the hurricane gales of wind that wouldn’t stop the whole day. I walk through them to the center of the campus for a class that doesn’t teach me a monkey shine about anything. How old does he think we are 4? yes I know what this is, no I don’t need a noun explained to me. I really don’t care how much you got your car for nor do I want to see a picture of it. Some one help me, if you don’t want to teach then just don’t come to class or retire so we can have someone who does. If I really have to analyze the cat and the hat next Tuesday I swear I will throw green eggs and ham at him. I didn’t read Dr. Suess as a child and I refuse to do it now. But. . . I looked to the bright side, that class is my writing class. During class while others try to make sense of the stuff flowing from his mouth I can sit in the back and smile cause I understand it enough to know it isn’t irony it’s tragedy that he doesn’t know how to wield the words he got a degree in. We got out of there and it was a long walk to the science building, such a very long cold walk. My umbrella got disrespected very badly and I had to walk in the rain (the water has soaked in through my shoes by now into my socks, it’s a very bad feeling if you didn’t know) Plus, the rain soaked through all four layers of my cloths. meh!

It was a loooong three hour wait till Micro, so I sat in the computer lab in all my soggy glory waiting for class to start and guess what surprise! We had a quiz first thing. I guess that is why they are called pop quizzes huh? yeah, I thought soo. but the lab we did was short and pretty easy, I thought this until I burnt myself looking at the pretty colors (just kidding, I was thinking shower, shower shower.) When it was finally done, my professor wanted to ‘talk.’ cool guy though. I actually like his class but I was cold wet and miserable. meh.

All the way back to my dorm did I walk, through the rain and whoosing winds frozen through and through. When I open my door it was a halleluiah praise rejoicing through my head. SHOWER! HEAT! BED! never in my life has anything been so wonderful. I was very content for several hours till I got a call from my best friend.

Friend: did you finish the review

Me: (sits up) what review?

Friend: The one for Algebra tomorrow. test.

Me: SHIT!!!!

Friend: (laughing his butt off) is that a no?

Me: that’s a hell no.

Friend: you are no use to me (he hangs up the phone)

Me: (sigh) I have the best friends.

Now I sit at my desk looking over impossible math problems that get worse every time I look at them. They grow fangs. (VV) . They want to suck my blood, no really they bite. I want someone to tell me when I will ever use Algebra in life. ever. like daily. I can tell you when not ever.

My point is this. Try to be optimistic about your day. I tried but some where between math problem number four and five it got lost. I don’t think it’s coming back for a while. . . .


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