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Overdone February 13, 2010

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Believe me when I say there is such a thing as; to much of a good thing.
I’ve never believed that till today when I woke up unable to move my body with out an ache and pain there or here. The only thing I could move with complete control were my arms. I’m so glad I came home, well I wasn’t a few hours ago but the feeling is back now.

My mom found I had a fever and it shot to the ceiling from there. Next thing I know my granny (grandmother) is here along with my aunt and her son. together, they put me through all these home remedies that, in my opinion, are really torturous. After making me gargle, made me down this horrible medicine that made me drowsy they swadle me in so many blankets and comforters I felt like I was in a straight jacket. Looked like it too.

Sam(my dog), thought it no end of fun to jump over my legs before laying on them. I think she just liked my toes scratching her belly. I fell asleep with her tail going *tock tock* over my legs.

I love my family truly and deeply but they hover. Something that is a big peeve for me. Yes my throat does feel like raw meat but rest assure if I need help I will get your attention. There is no need to sit at the side of my bed as if you expect death upon me at any second. I have the flu not the plague.

After a very hot two-hour nap I woke to six pairs of eyes at my bed side. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling knowing you’re being watched. Once they saw I was awake they kept wanting to do stuff for me, which at the beginning was wonderful. Give me a book, my laptop and a cup of apple spice tea and I’m the happiest girl in the world. After they did all that they were just there, sitting, by my bed watching. Ack!

Then on top of that they got mad at me for not talking to them! I’m not a talker even when I’m not sick.

 my twin, who I adore, was bored out of her mind. I don’t have a tv in my room but you would think since alegbra is kicking both our butts she would study it.  Our conversation went something like this.

Lauren: don’t you want to do anything other than read?

me: no

Lauren: why not?

me: don’t want to.

Lauren: not even hang man?

me: *eye roll* maybe later

Lauren: when’s later

me: not now

Lauren: well when is that?

me: Lauren, shut up.

The knowing that they would go away had me desperate. I forced my achy breaky butt out of bed and guess what!?!? as soon as they saw me up they all melted away and I was left in blissful silence and peace. I can barely stand but I forced myself to rearrange my library. It’s overflowing to the windows. . . I need a new bookshelf soon.


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