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02/14/10 February 14, 2010

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What is it about Valentines day that make us loose our minds? I mean it’s just a day like any other day our society has just made zero two fourteen whatever year to be this big deal. It’s suppose to be the day of love, a day for you to show your affection. I think it’s the worlds day of tricking people into buying crap they don’t need and gaining ten pounds with the chocolate and treats they will consume. Another way to stimulate the dieting industry which needs no help, it’s doing lovely on its own.

Valentine is a day is a day just like any other day I have always thought so. Why today should that special someone go out of the way to show affection this day when he does not any other day. If they don’t show affection on a regular day then why would you want them to on this day? It all feels something like a shame to me.

But then again I guess I play for the other team. The single team.

Happy Valentines day everyone.


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