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Marriage February 18, 2010

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Duh dum dum bam!

To each her own. She has found her own and he ask for her hand in marriage. Do I approve, not really but as far as I know no one has ask for my opinion on anything. SO I smiled and said, yes, I will be your bridesmaid. I told her congratulations but I feel it won’t last. I know, it’s the wrong thing to think. You’re suppose to be all “live love and stuff” but I can’t not when he treats her so crappy. I can’t lie, I’m a horrible liar. Still I’ll smile and pretend to go along with it. Love is blind and there is nothing any of us can do until she she’s the light and how ugly he is when it shines through.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, I have no problem with outer physical features. We can’t help the way we look and I’ve never judge anyone for it. But when the ugliness within starts to bleed out for the world to see. . . yes I have a problem with that. I have a BIG problem with that especially if it is coming into my family.

I can’t live her life anymore than I can make decisions for her. For now I will smile and pray this doesn’t end the way it has before.

Until then I will go to fittings for a dress and submit to it, I will smile pretty and wear the bridesmaid dress and smile and do whatever else bridesmaids do. I won’t like it. I know i’m not going to like it one bit but I will do it and only make a few comments. . .


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