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sounds February 20, 2010

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If I never hear the word construction again in my life that would be grand thing. I’m tired of the drilling, the Bams! the Clack! the Vrooms! the things that I just don’t know what are. I’m tired of the fumes of the paint and glue, I could build a tool box with all the saw dust in my lungs. I’m tired of things over flowing.

Every time we think it’s fixed, nope. It’s a pipe of something that isn’t or screwed on right, I think if you don’t know what you are doing you should leave it alone. Your still gonna get paid regardless I think I would rather pay you for coming out and say there is nothing you can do than pay you and I’m worse off than I was before. The last one is a thanks but no thanks.

It seems every time I come home something new is dripping or another room is flooding and has to be redone. I just don’t know what is going on with these people, do they think that we are going to call them back or something? Honey, I have news for you. If I call you out and ask you to fix something and two weeks later my kitchen den and wash room are flooded. . .yea. . . .just no. I’d rather have an inside swimming pool for a while.

This is the second time our downstairs has flooded, oh my god. I’m overwhelmed and frustrated and tired and I don’t even live here twenty four seven. I can’t imagine how it is for my family while Lauren and I are gone.

At least there is music at night. I get to listen to the ‘drip drip drippidy drip’ of our pipes as the water leaks into a pot. If I’m lucky I won’t hear the sounds of a kitchen waterfall at midnight.


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