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Just Plain Odd March 5, 2010

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I had the weirdest dream, it was funny and made me smile but made absolutly no sense.

I’m standing in my living room in a white wedding dress, my family and I do mean my whole family surrounding me. It was pretty and my face had make up, something I don’t do. My sister was there, my mom was crying. I was so confused, here I as standing in front of them and they know something I don’t.

Then someone opens the door which is located right outside the living room before you reach the staircase. I hear a bark and next thing I know my puppy is out the door and down the street and before I think I’m chasing after her down the wet street too. I’m running down the street with bare feet and the most beautiful wedding dress I’ve ever seen, my hair is coming undone and getting wet and I still run after my puppy. It’s the weirdest thing, I’m not upset that my stupid self ran out into the ran I’m happy I did it. I’m happy that I’m ruining the most beautiful thing I’ve ever put on. I’m excited to get my hair wet and run down the street barefoot like when I was a child. I couldn’t care less that the make up was being washed off my face. I’d never felt freer as I watched myself run down the street to where I don’t know. Before I could get to that part I had “Some one like you!” ringing in my ear. My alarm clock had the worst timing.

It was the first dream I’ve remembered in a while. I hope I remember more, cause I know they just keep getting weirder. But if you know how to interpret dreams please take a crack at mine.


One Response to “Just Plain Odd”

  1. isreal Says:

    The dream was just that you will be marrying do not want to leave your youth behind and instead chase after it…leaving your desires unhindered..which means you will marry when you are ready to marry….

    You are just remdinging yourself of your freedom…perhaps you just met someone…a man or saw one that is desirable…

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