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Driving Emotions March 6, 2010

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Fear, hunger, power, wrath, vengeance. . . all these emotions, these feelings are enough to drive a man alone. Enough to take over the senses for however long needed to quench that need. Fear so does make a run. Hunger drives men to desperations. Power, the hunger to make others fear you enough to bend to your will. wrath, something to be feared for it is a raging hunger that will only be sated with power. Vengeance, a need so great that one would take heed to fear his own mind, for the hunger that rides him for power to quench his wrath will be swift and brutal or cold and merciless, neither will give a lasting satisfaction. I’ve thought about this, these five emotions that can so quickly become needs. These things that will give themselves life in a heartbeat if your mind will let them uncover themselves for a moment, that is all it takes. We’ve all felt one of these five emotions, we’ve all felt the whip they but at out back and the burning they kept in out belly. At one point we all have but, I have a question. . . are any of these a good enough excuse to kill?

 I’ve heard fear speak when a killer says there was no other way. Is that what we do? When there is no way out, we kill?

What about hunger, you wanted something someone else had. Where is the sense in killing someone for what they have. I don’t know about you but I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t gladly part with their car or money in exchange for their life and that of their family. Nothing is more important than life but envy and selfishness seem to have forgotten that little detail when they saw it’s new shoes.

 Power. . . no man born of a woman deserves to have control over another. Does have say so over someone make them any less human, I think not. That means they will make mistakes, they can be corrupted just like the average man. The only think different about them it they have the ‘power’ to say different. If someone defies that power, it’s funny who quick it is silenced and squelched till you wonder if the whisper had even been there.

Wrath, an emotion swift cold then it burns hot. Something that can be so fast and quick but can also burn in someone for a life time. Because another person disagrees with your opinions and what you say, is that reason enough to kill them? I don’t believe so but it is become oh so common. For what? Who will listen to your opinion when they are dead? I think the dead can find something more interesting to do than listen to a complaining breathing human. They probably shake their heads before they fly away, I bet they feel sorry for the living.

Vengeance, isn’t it said. “vengeance is best served cold.” That takes time and planning, for days weeks, years. Your thoughts will be consumed by nothing else but this. It’s enough to eat away one’s mind. If someone just so happens to get one over on you is that reason enough to end their life? Sure they made a little bit of a fool of you, have a sense of humor you’ll find it’s easier to laugh your way through life than hacking through it. so they make a they make you look a little silly, is that a reason to make them stop breathing? I just don’t know what people think anymore. I don’t.

 If you think that death is the easy answer for your problems you are wrong. Forever will a ghost ride your coat tail, they might be gone but the memory will remain. How do you fight that, you can’t fight a memory. You can’t kill something twice.


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