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Click of a button March 13, 2010

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Picture this, you’re fifteen, going on sixteen and you meet this guy and when he smiles at you, your insides do a little fluttery flop. You like him and he likes you too. What do you do? You take a chance, your first real chance with a guy that gives you butterflies in your tummy. He is fun and great, he makes you laugh and smile, he gets you.

Things get serious, and you’re really falling for him but there is a catch. Your family doesn’t really like him, he’s too. . . they don’t know what it is but they have mixed feelings. you keep it in mind but continue on with him anyway, things are great things are wonderful then, there comes a day when he stops calling. You wait and you wait, day after day, nothing.

Finally you text him, no answer.

You call, no response.

what do you do then? At sixteen you cry your eyes out, and shrug it off, it’s his loss. But inside you wonder; what did I do? Did I do anything? What is wrong with me?

After all the things you from your family because of him he can’t even call and tell you it isn’t working out? At that age you’re thinking fine forget him, and you never do.

So, when he call you several years down the road, like an idiot you let him back in. There are still the butterflies and he is still as cute and charming and everything you remember. Senses become clouded, everything you’ve learned goes out the window when he says your name.

“Just one more chance,” your heart whispers and you listen to it.

Things are great they are wonderful, so, why a few months down the road does he stop calling again. Doesn’t he love you? You love him. How can he be so heartless.

It becomes a fight not to let bitterness overtake you, not all men are the same you have to tell yourself time and time again. You have to pick up the pieces and move on, eventually you do.

Then, here he comes again, a year down the road. Seeing his face is like a punch in the stomach, a kick where it hearts the most, your heart. He tries tom come back into your life. What do you do?

Do you click the accept button or delete?


One Response to “Click of a button”

  1. Isreal Says:

    um..nice story…it just means he is unsure about you……
    there is a bigger are a kid..when you are will see it for what it really is…just have fun..learn…do not become angry….

    and laugh..

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