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The Swing April 5, 2010

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Another part of my adventure at the festival was the swing.

It was a very nice day and though it wasn’t planned we went into the park where they had a tree swing.

The park looked like one from the movies where people are walking their dogs and hanging out with their friends on blankets and reading. In the distance you see children playing and adults as well. The grass was green and the trees shaded out most of the sun making it nice and comfortable. Camille and I couldn’t resist.

I haven’t been on a swing in years and with no children around to compete with me for it,  I wasn’t about to let the opportunity pass me by.  Swinging back and forth was fun and all but, I was feeling really silly. I remembered back to when I was little and my sister and I use to twirl round and round, winding up the swing until our feet could barely touch the ground and the swing cords were wrapped around each other in the tightest embrace possible before we let go.  Round and around we went looking up at the sky twirling above our heads by the end we were to dizzy to do more that sit there and wait for it to stop moving.  That’s what I did. I twirled round and around until I couldn’t anymore shrieking like a little kid the whole way and laughed for moments after it was over.  The next time I went to do it again, a voice said behind me.

“Do you want me to push you?” this was right before I was about to let it loose again.

Over my shoulder I looked. The first thing I thought was “Oh!” like an idiot.

It was a guy, a cute guy. He had to be Hispanic. With tan skin, big brown eyes and straight long nose set in a long face topped with curly black hair down to his shoulders and most important, he had deep dimples in each cheek. He was really cute, more than cute he was a heartbreaker, I knew this because he was smiling when he asked me. It was one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen in my life and it was only a smile on nice full lips. Looking at that I said the first thing that came to my mind.

“Yes, thank you.” Thank god it was something coherent.

His smile was the best piece of art I’d seen all day. “Okay, but you have to look up at the sky while I do it.”

Nodding, I tucked my feet under and looked up. His hands pushed at my back as I went around once, then caught me again on my knee. He touched me again and again in those two places branding me every time he did it. Pushing me forward and back by the end of it I was so dizzy I thought the sky was his face. It was a very pretty view though. He pushed me forward and back until I knew blue from brown only for us to do the same thing. I didn’t bother to look at the sky the next time, I didn’t want to.  I watched him as I spun around and again. I couldn’t stop screaming and he wouldn’t stop laughing. By the time the ropes fully untwisted I knew what it would be like to get drunk, even as he held the swing steady for me, the warmth of his hands seeping into my shoulders from his touch the world turned on.

“Close your eyes.” I did as he told me, not knowing what he was going to do. “It’ll help.” He gave my shoulders a squeeze before releasing them.

 Yes, I did feel wary to do as he asked me to. I didn’t completely lose my head for a handsome face. But with all my heart I wished I hadn’t listened to him. When I opened my eyes the world had stopped spinning but he was gone. Looking around I didn’t see him anywhere, no one in the part had black curly hair or tan skin except for me. No one in the space had a sizzling smile, no one in the park looked like he had. He’d disappeared without giving me a name or even a backwards glance. He was gone, off to break some other girl’s heart with that killer smile and dimples. I rocked in my swing forward and back wishing that if I closed my eyes again I could bring him back to me. Even though I knew he would only break my heart again when he walked away. He had been wrong, closing my eyes didn’t help.


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