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The Rant April 29, 2010

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My life has been so busy, I feel so wiped out physically and emotionally. I’m drained but I push one =)

It seems as soon as I finish one test there is another right around the corner. I’m so sick of test and quizzes I could. . . I don’t now what I could do. Something very mean and rude. But I finally caught a break and I decided to catch up. Right now I’m sitting on the couch watching the Tudors (I’m very pissed off with the history by the way.), it is getting good though. Very messy.=) and it’s all in history.

 I don’t understand the people back then. I don’t understand the times I guess. How can you say that God gave you the right to rule? How can you say that you were divinely chosen? How can you make all the mistakes of a human yet decide who lives and who dies? how can the people accept that. True the land could fall into chaos but is really better to let a man put a face on your country and shame it. True as it is most in the time of Henry VIII were ignorant of what went on, they could have just gotten news the second queen had been put to death while he was truly to his fourth wife. How can he claim to be divinely chosen and try to put forth this image of perfection and power for his people and other countries to fear him but yet he is so horribly human. Even if it is behind closed doors, shouldn’t he care the people he hurt. The women, I mean how can you be so blind to causing pain when you can see it. In other words, how can you be so heartless. I know I’m ranting on in an incoherent mess but I can’t help it.

Every time I watch the show I’m fascinated at how power can corrupt something that was once upon a time for the greater good. (I thought it was for the greater good). The need for power and wealth, the need for everyone to know that you are the one in control, how much more human can you be. How could these people believe that a man who showed vanity as much as or even more so than the average man was meant to rule them? It makes no sense though I suppose it is no different for us in our time. There is still greed and corruption. There is still vanity and everything that says that we are human only now most of know that it isn’t by divine right that these people are in power it is be because they are chosen by the people (not always the citizens) or and a few other reasons but also it is because they have everything they need to stay right where they want to be. No one is going to challenge a system because they won’t last very long. No one is going to challenge it because they know that they are very much out resourced.

I always wondered if God is weeping as he watches us now. Does he weep at seeing his children live the way we do, does he cry because we are so blind, so vain, so. . . I don’t even have a name to put with everything going on today. Does he cry because he knows just how horrible we are, I guess. Humans can be wicked, we can be vile and devious, we can manipulate and betray. Those are all things that make us human, we are far from perfect and that is one thing that I believe will never change.

I know I just went on a ranting spree, but I’m not sorry. I’m just tired and I really needed to let something out. *sigh

good night.


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