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A Bath June 22, 2010

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Today, I gave the dog a bath. Sure this sounds like an easy, possibly fun task. HAH!

My dog, Sam, has the mind of a cat. If she sees water coming her way she is gone, literally. She won’t even come to eat if the water bowl is missing, that is how paranoid she is!

But see, I got smart, after six years I finally learned how she knew she was getting a bath. She has an incredible sense of ESP, that and she know what B-A-T-H spells.

So, today I grabbed her leash and took her outside, she was super excited. She loves walks as much as she hates water. To leashed her up and tied her to the fence. *Smile.

She was fine until she saw me get the hose, then all hell broke lose, I think we might owe my neighbors for a new fence board.

At the first spray of water, she howled like I was killing her. I wasn’t it was just harmless water, then shampooing. She glared at me the whole time *I kill you* she said with every look as I rinsed her off.

*I will never forgive you* she growled as I reshampooed her.

When I rinsed her off for the second time she looked like I was finally going to kill her.

*I hate you* she yapped as I toweled her dry. *Hate you, hate you, hate you-”

I brought out her brush and her tail started wagging. *I won’t hate you as much if you brush my tummy.* she rolled over her earlier hatred of me forgotten in the foot twitching belly rub.

Now I sit in my kitchen watching get mocked by the squirrels in our tree. They are chirping about how clean she is. She looks at me ever so often *I hate you.*

But I ignore it because her tails goes tock-tock. Her universal sign for just kidding.


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