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Forever Playlist June 3, 2010

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Summer is in full swing for me. Busy, busy, busy me. I’m so tired, what happen to it’s all about relaxing on your break. Between trying to find a job, editing, and fighting off the flu. It’s been a full work load, oh, and school for me starts Monday. Summer School!!! yeay me! 

Anyway, I came across major writer’s block two days ago. Jason, my best friend, told me music would help. He even gave me a playlist. I will never tell him this, but it did. Music save me. When I was done I decided it would be fun to make aplaylist for all the characters of my book. A small playlist showing what the characters of Autumn’s forever would listen to if they all had I Pods.


  1. Selena Gomez- Naturally
  2. Raven Simone- Superstition
  3. Miley Cyrus- See You Again.
  4. The Jonas Brother- S.O.S
  5. Aly& A.J- Chemical Reaction
  6. 6. Mandy Moore- Stupid Cupid
  7. 7. The Cheetah Girls- A La Nanita Nana
  8. 8. Paramore- Crushcrushcrush
  9. 9. Frankie J.- Daddy’s Little Girl
  10. 10. Amos Lee- Sweet Pea



  1.  Evanescence- Call Me When Your Sober
  2.  Coldplay- viva la vida
  3.  Daughtry- Life After You
  4.  The Fray- How to Save a Life.
  5.  Flowboat- No Handle Bars
  6.  Atreyu – Her Portrait In Black
  7.  Honor Society- Where Are they Now.
  8.  My Chemical Romance- To The End
  9. Cinderella- Nobody’s Fool
  10. Rhianna- Te Amo


  1. Edwina Hayes- Feels Like Home
  2. Marina Mena- Sorry
  3. Snow Patrol- Set Fire to the Third Bar.
  4. Amanda Perez- I Pray (Never Forget)
  5. Evanescence- Haunted
  6. Ingrid Michealson- Be Ok
  7. Cyndi Thomson- I always liked that best.
  8. Justin Nozuka- After Tonight
  9. Utada Hikaru- Hear Me Cry
  10. Maria Mena- You’re the Only One.



  1. Green Day- Time of Your Life
  2. Jason Mraz-I’m Yours
  3. Rihanna- Russian Roulette
  4. Mario- Let me Love You
  5. Nickleback- Savin Me
  6. Seether- I’m Broken
  7. James Blunt- Carry You Home
  8. Edwina Hayes- Feel Like Home
  9. Green Day- Time of your Life
  10. Rufus Wright- Halleluiah



  1. Gavin DeGraw- I’m in love with a girl
  2. Bobby Valentino- Anonymous
  3. Eliot Yamin- Wait For You
  4. Katy Perry- Thinking of You
  5. Lovegame- Lady Gaga
  6. Plain White T’s- Hey there Delilah
  7. Buckcherry- Sorry
  8. Chris Brown- Forever
  9. Joe Purdy- Wash Away
  10.  Pink- Who Knew




  1. Amanda Blank- Make it Take It
  2. Blaque- As If
  3. Kesha- Tik Tok
  4. Nickleback- Rockstar
  5. Sleepy Rebels- Unbelievable
  6. Kelly Clarkson-Miss Independent
  7. Will I Am- I Got it from my Mama
  8.  Duffy- Rain on Your Parade
  9. Jessie James- Blue Jeans
  10. JoJo- Beautiful Girls Reply



  1. Brad Praisly- Don’t Laugh at Me
  2. Bon Jovi- We Weren’t Born to Follow
  3. Owl City- Fireflies
  4.  Nickleback- If Everyone Cared
  5. Regina Specktor- Laughing with
  6. Paramore- Misery’s Business
  7. OneRepublic- Stop
  8. James Blunt- Your Beautiful
  9. Gary Go- Wonderful
  10. Shinedown- All I Ever Wanted



  1. Miley Cyrus- The Climb
  2. Aly& Aj- Sticks and Stones
  3. Hilary Duff- Come Clean
  4. The Cheetah Girls- Cinderella
  5. Gary Go- Wonderful
  6. Justin Beiber- One Time
  7. Mandy Moore- I can break your heart any day of the week .
  8. Yael Naim- New Soul
  9. Vanessa Carlton- A Thousand Miles
  10. Paramore- Brick by Boring Brick

Revenge April 14, 2010

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I figured it out, I executed my punishment and showed no mercy when I did it. It was swift and a little mean. But it was so funny I nearly peed on myself. 

The day before yesterday when Jason and I made the bet, I didn’t know what I would make him do. It came to me and at first I thought it was too cruel but events yesterday led me to it and I will never regret my decision. 

Jason is such a sore loser. First he took the last slice of pizza, I only had two and he had the rest of the box to divide between him and his roommate Adam. He saw me grab that last cheesy slice and snatched, shoving it into his mouth in my face. I could have slapped him but I didn’t. I was going to remain cool about it until I discovered he’d been eating my ice cream (no one touches my ice cream.) He had two strikes against him. His third strike was when he tickled me. I didn’t even know he knew that I was ticklish! 

He tickled and tickled, it was the worst form of torture. He made me laugh when I wanted to cry because it hurt so bad. I rolled on the floor and he followed, his fingers digging into my ribs and the back of my knee. For the life of me I will never know how he found this secret of mine out. I’ve told him a lot of things but not this one. 

He drove me to madness and dammit I was going to have revenge. It would be swift and brutal and I was going to have it as soon as possible. I found something that fit what I wanted in pain but it looked innocent enough to where he wouldn’t know what was going on till it was too late. 

One of my best friends owns a nail salon, I made him take me there just a couple of hours ago. Adam came too. We all got our nails manicured and feet done at a discount. I told Adam about what I was going to do and he was all in though he did say he would never look at me the same way again. (I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.) 

Somehow I brought up the subject of bikini waxing and it just shot to hell from there. *Smile. 

“If you do this, you will no longer be at my mercy and the bet ends here.” I said innocently. 

The fool actually considers it. “All I have to do it get a wax?” 

“Bikini wax” I corrected him, me and Adam look at each other. 

“Then it’s over.” 

Holding up a hand. “Promise.” 

He stands up all bright and happy. “Lets do it!” 

They take him in the back a second before Adam and I bust out laughing. 

They strip him from the waist down. He lay there all nice and quiet, like a good boy. I don’t think he realized until he saw the wax being poured on, that this was going to hurt. didn’t matter by the I had him and it was too late. 

I couldn’t stop my grinning as she placed the paper down on him and padded it down and let it sit. 1 2 3 

all you heard was this ripping sound as she ripped it up and by the way he screamed, you would swear she tore a chunk of his leg off with it. 

I whistled. “man your one hairy-” 

“Shut up Chrissy.” Adam said, I would have taken him seriously if he wasn’t seconds from falling to the floor. I’ve never seen a face get so. . .red. 

The woman came forward and put the wax down again, I swear Jason went several shade lighter when she got close to his “partner” 

The look on his face when she got ready to pull the cloth up was a memory I will smile about on my death-bed. It was one of pure excruciating pain and horror. She yanked and he cursed the whole salon to hell at the top of his lungs. I think the people shopping across the freeway heard him. 

“Can I quote you on that?” I asked in a choked voice. I had been laughing so hard I could barely breathe. This was better than I could have imagined. 

“Christa, I’m going to kill you.” 

“You always say that.” I tease back. It was true and this time it would be just as empty as the other times. 

“I think he means it.” Adam was worse than I was. He was streaming tears and laughing himself hoarse. I shrugged it off. If he killed me it would be worth it, at least I got to see the look on his face when he realized she still had to do the other side. 

When we opened the door, there was a scurry of feet and flurried activity as everyone in the salon tried to pretend that they hadn’t heard Jason’s cursing and screaming like a little girl. We went to go pay the lady. 

I asked her how much for all of it and the wax, and she said the coolest thing to me. 

“Sweetie, you don’t have to pay us for the wax.” she gave Jason an amused look. “it was worth every penny.” Jason give me the money and heads for the car. I know he will never go back to that salon again. This was the best form of revenged and I will always remember it. I know the people in the salon that day will too. 

The woman who did the waxing is my friend’s aunt and I have no doubt that this story will be told many times over. My friend already called laughing her butt off about it. Jason still hasn’t talked to me. He locked me out the apartment but Adam let me in. At least he doesn’t curse when ever he looks at his nails. 

I also hopes he remembers this when he decides to be evil to me. He knows now that I can be downright devilish in my extractions of revenge. I don’t think he will ever test me again though. 





The Bet

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Pure and fun silliness.

Okay, I’ll admit, I slacked on my studies yesterday but the end result was so worth it. My friend Jason has any gaming system you can think of. PSP, XBox 360, Wii, the guy has them all and just about any game you think of from guitar hero to grand theft auto, his collection his amazing.

Yesterday, I dipped my toes into the virtual world of video games, it is not something I do that often but yesterday there were stakes I couldn’t pass up.

I found myself playing his PS3 and it was amazingly awesome. Halo, not the third one cause I suck at it but the first one. I still shoot my own people and it was painful to watch but oh so fun. I think it’s because I can be a violent person when provoked. =)

Then Jason came home from class and saw what I was doing and then it went something like this:

“Sweetheart what are you doing.” he ask

Not looking at him. “Playing a game.”

“Uh huh,” he sat down next to me. “You’re killing you’re own men.”

I shrugged. “So.”

“Do you want help?”


He gave me an odd look but didn’t say anything else until I restarted the game for the second time, then he shut it off. “That was to painful.”

“You’re an ass.”

“The player on the game think you’re an ass too.”

Tilting my head I thought about that. He was probably right, I killed them all several times over. I was probably worse than an ass to them. So I shrugged it off. “I could do better if I wanted to.”

“No you couldn’t.”

“Yes I could.” I stated into the den.

Jason blinked then smiled. “Wanna make a bet on that.”


“Okay, first person to kill off the other team wins.”

“Wait!” before we began I ask what the terms of winning and losing were.

“let’s just say the loser is at the winners mercy.” his smile was predatory, I mean it when I say it was a little frightening. But then I heard my dumb self say.

“You are so on.” what was I thinking.

He starts it off and I didn’t even see him coming. He was amazing, from years of practice of course. He’s had at least three years of practice and I’ve had three weeks, you can guess how that goes.

He killed one of my men in the first. . .two minutes. He was precise in shooting what he wanted and I was shooting at everything in sight and running for cover while I was doing it. Then, I did this by accident by the way, I shot out at something in my line of vision, my controller vibrated with the force of it. The man went down and the den sat in silence, I stopped shooting because I was stunned I’d hit a player from his team and not mine and he had stopped shooting altogether.

“Why did you stop.” I asked him curiously. “You could have killed me.”

“I don’t have anymore players.” he growled out with all the indignation in the world. I could have cared less, after two years I’m use to it and can match it when I want to.

Staring at him dumbly I asked hesitantly. “SO. . . I won?” his silence was all the answer I needed.

“OH YEAH!, BOYAH!” I got up and started happy dancing around the room while he watched with a glare that could kill. I couldn’t’ blame him, he had lost to a rookie, very embarrassing. *smile*

“You cheated.” he said finally coming to his feet making me stop my circle of the room

Putting my hands on my hips I retorted. “Oh, yeah, shooting at everything that comes in sight is really cheating.” He said nothing, what could he say when he knew I was right? By some dumb stroke of luck I won. “So doest this mean you’re at my mercy now?” I ask like a foolish dumby.

Jason tilted his head to the side and gave m the most wry smile. “I suppose it does.”

He got up and I found myself face to chest with him. Looking up at his face I felt need pulling me to run but I stayed put. I would show no fear, I would not-

“So what are you going to do to me?”

Rolling my eyes was a hard task when the rest of me felt so weak. “I don’t know, I need to think about it.” With sweaty hands I pushed him back and headed into the kitchen. I headed in to the kitchen to get a big scoop of ice cream and to ponder upon my torture.

Jason is off limits, he’s my best friend in the world. He’s cute and funny and gets me. He understands that I’m silly and sarcastic. That I have my moods and will not hesitate to bit your head off if you deserve it. I get him to, but he’s . . .complicated. He’s my best friend in the world and I won’t change that for anything. It would kill me to screw something up between us, those relationships are never easy. And frankly, I don’t need that stuff in my life right now. SO a friend he will stay. . . a very cute friend who I now have grounds to torture. *evil smile*

He doesn’t know it yet but he really should have put better guidelines of what the winner could and couldn’t do. He’ll figure it out soon enough, but it will be to late to do anything about it.


P.O. March 4, 2010

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It’s been a while and I guess the only reason I started back writing is because I’m upset- no, I’m not upset I’m pissed. I’m so frustrated and pissed off and have no where to go except to the police and I don’t want to do that. I just didn’t think every thing would turn out this bad. I didn’t think he would be this horrible. I mean he broke up with me after all, he has a girl friend. I meant next to nothing to him, he told me so himself. So. . . why wouldn’t he leave me alone? Why me?

Is it because I said okay a tried to pick up the pieces and was actually there? what is it about me being happy that he can’t stand? I think I’ll write a story about it one day.


It went something like this. Me and Jason (my best friend) decided to go to the mall, this is a big thing for me, I hate shopping but he loves it. Plus he promise to buy me the book I’ve been lusting after for months. It was a win win situation. Or so I thought until I saw him, or he saw me I’m not sure who saw who first.

Jason was handing me my book after just paying for it and my ex walks in. My stomach I swear drops.

He has his girlfriend and everything, when he saw me I don’t know what happen. I didn’t even have time to run and drag Jason with me before he pounced asking twenty one plus a million questions. they started off nice, what am I doing with my life. Innocent things, then they got more intursive, do I have a boyfriend stuff like that.  Then Jason did the worst thing, he put his hand on my arm trying to drag me away and I’m walking awaywith him, trying not to run. My ex has no idea that Jason is my best friend and not more. . .

Any way, he says the one thing that started it all. We were walking away toward the exit as fast as we could when he said. “have you f***ed her yet?!” I swear in front of the people in Borders Books, yelling for everyone to hear he is yelling at the top of his lungs. “she wouldn’t let me, what the f*** are you doing different. It‘s because I‘m white isn‘t it ?!?”

Now I’m dragging Jason out the store and my ex is running to greet us and his girlfriend is just standing there with a blank look on her face like everyone else in the store. When I finally get Jason to run instead of going and trying to throw punches he is walking after us yelling at us about me! WTF!?!?

I’m nothing special, not to him anyway. I’m trying to move on with my life but he won’t let me. I’m tired and frustrated and a little scared, he was the biggest mistake of my life. One that I will never make again.

I swear I broke down two times before we made it back to school. I don’t cry, not over things like this but. . . I didn’t know what else I could do.


Girl Gone Wild ? March 1, 2010

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Okay, the weirdest thing happen this weekend. It was odd akward and the funniest thing that happen to me in a long time.

Okay so I’m sitting on the couch with my best friend Jason watching some movie or another, wait, I was watching Sex and the City, the part where Miranda realizes she does love Steve and goes to meet him at the bridge and comes to wonder if perhaps Steve doesn’t want her. It’s a really crucial moment. So, I’m sitting there my feet in his lap the music started playing and his phone went off just as it started getting good.

I decided not to pay attention, it was his phone if it was important he would tell me. Then I hear this.

Jason: “Dad what are you talking about? What!?!” Now I have him giving me odd looks while on the phone with his Dad.

Me: “What?” I’m whispering (Putting the television on pause.)

Jason: “yeah, she’s here.” well, my nosy bf couldn’t stand for me to have a conversation without him in on it. So he puts the phone on speaker.

Me: “Hello”

Daddy: “Chrissy!? I was sitting here and watching a movie. What are you doing on this movie?” Me and my BF look at each other.

Me: “Movie?”

Daddy: “Yea, your mother would be so disappointed in you!” Now he really confused me.

Me: “Daddy,” (I call my bf’s Dad daddy the way I call his mother Momma.)

“As far as I know, I’m not in any movie.”

Daddy: “well of course you wouldn’t know, you look drunk!”

Me: Stunned looking at my BF. “I’m sorry did you just say I was drunk.”

Jason: “Yep.”

Me: “Daddy what movie is this?”

Daddy: “Chrissy, what are you doing on girls gone wild!”

Me and my BF look at each other, both of us confused. I’d never been on girls gone wild, as far as I know Lauren hasn’t either.

Me: “Daddy I think the more important question is what are you doing watching girls gone wild?”

The silence on the other end was beyond priceless. It was wonderful and getting better by the second as his son falls out laughing. I mean falling on the floor rolling around breaking his side.

Me: (grin splitting my face.) “Daddy, what are you doing watching GGW? Does momma know about this?”

My answer was a silence before the sound of a disconnection.

It was hilarious, I laugh myself sick at least three time more past it being funny. Sex in the City just seem to dull in comparison so we called back Jason’s Dad to mess with him some more. I plan on asking Lauren about it later. . .


Are you serious? February 21, 2010

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Once upon a time I thought I would have like to live in the sixteenth century, I love the idea when i was little whether I was a Princess of a simple Lady. I fell in love with the idea, the life and I really love the fashion, the dresses I fell in love with while I could always look to a man and laugh at his outfit. I thought it would be so romantic and grand well. . . I change my mind. Now that I think about the whole thing it sounds horrible.
Once I thought that the court of King Henry VIII would have been a glitz and glamorous place. I bet it was but never would I have like to roam his grounds back then. Yes a woman holds power but what if she doesn’t know how to wield it or worse the man knows she holds the leash. What happens then? I can’t imagine for the life of me what I would do if my family used me for political gain. What I would do if the person tire of me as soon as he had me. I couldn’t do it. I can’t imagine having to submit like some of those women did. (yes I watch the Tudors but so what.) The women in the sixteenth century really had to put on their big girl panties and deal with it.


I love my friends and by now I still am surprise by some of the things that come out of their mouths, especially my male friends. Tonight, just a few seconds ago something came out of my boyfriend’s mouth that surprised the mess out of me enough to make me drop my ice cream. (I never drop my food, he shocked me that much.) But some things still continue to shock me. like this conversation I had with my bf (you can call him a boyfriend if you want to but he’s more like a best friend.). 
Boyfriend: “would you do that for me?” 
Me: “Would I do what for you?” 

Boyfriend: “Marry to gain us financial stability” 

Me: (raises brow)”I don’t get it.”


Boyfriend: (patiently sighs while pausing the movie)”would you marry an old man for his money then ‘kill him’ so that you can marry me and we could live off his riches.”  

Me: (mouth hanging open, this is also the part where I drop my ice cream.) “So you mean that you would be alright with me being a whore?” 

Boyfriend: “Whore is such a strong word. Think of it as having your own sixteenth century sugar daddy.”  

Me: He has my full attention, damn the movie for the moment. “So you wouldn’t be mad?” 

Boyfriend: The idiot shakes his head. “No. should I be?’  

Me: My mouth drops at this point. “YES!!”  

Boyfriend: “Oh well,” he schools his face to his serious expression. “I’d be upset, but seriously babe, think about it. If he’s old all you need to do is a really sexy strip tease for him.” my sweet boyfriend smiles. “he’ll go right to sleep.”  

Me: “So your saying that you would let me marry an old man- instead of you- for his money and you would expect me to kill him?”  

Boyfriend: “Well” the idiot leans back. “kind of, we would get married later-”  

Me: “After I was rich!”  

Boyfriend: “Yep”  

Me: “And you were nothing more than a struggling courtier?”  

Boyfriend: “Yep.”  

ME: “So I’ll be rich and you’ll be poor. You’d let me be a whore-”  

Boyfriend: “For us of course.”  

Me: “what makes you think I’d take another look at your sorry ass in the first place?!”  

Boyfriend: Now he stares stupidly. “Because you fell for my smile and pretty words.”  

Me: “No more the Tudors for you.” I said and popped him on the forehead with an ice cream sticky hand.  

He grins and turns back on the Tudors.  

Five minutes later. . . “does that mean you’d do it?”  

Me: “SHUT UP!”  

The new season of the Tudors begins April 11, 2010.  


Lost optimism February 12, 2010

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Always be optimistic, if you are there is a lower chance of you committing suicide.

My day was going great, woke up this morning and it was raining. That was probably, no, I’m sure that was the reason I rolled my butt out of bed twenty minutes later than I was suppose to. *smile*

I love English, love to write, love to read. I never thought some one would come along and steal that excitement from me. I’ve met my match in my Composition professor. I walk through the freezing cold rain that is blowing in my face because of the hurricane gales of wind that wouldn’t stop the whole day. I walk through them to the center of the campus for a class that doesn’t teach me a monkey shine about anything. How old does he think we are 4? yes I know what this is, no I don’t need a noun explained to me. I really don’t care how much you got your car for nor do I want to see a picture of it. Some one help me, if you don’t want to teach then just don’t come to class or retire so we can have someone who does. If I really have to analyze the cat and the hat next Tuesday I swear I will throw green eggs and ham at him. I didn’t read Dr. Suess as a child and I refuse to do it now. But. . . I looked to the bright side, that class is my writing class. During class while others try to make sense of the stuff flowing from his mouth I can sit in the back and smile cause I understand it enough to know it isn’t irony it’s tragedy that he doesn’t know how to wield the words he got a degree in. We got out of there and it was a long walk to the science building, such a very long cold walk. My umbrella got disrespected very badly and I had to walk in the rain (the water has soaked in through my shoes by now into my socks, it’s a very bad feeling if you didn’t know) Plus, the rain soaked through all four layers of my cloths. meh!

It was a loooong three hour wait till Micro, so I sat in the computer lab in all my soggy glory waiting for class to start and guess what surprise! We had a quiz first thing. I guess that is why they are called pop quizzes huh? yeah, I thought soo. but the lab we did was short and pretty easy, I thought this until I burnt myself looking at the pretty colors (just kidding, I was thinking shower, shower shower.) When it was finally done, my professor wanted to ‘talk.’ cool guy though. I actually like his class but I was cold wet and miserable. meh.

All the way back to my dorm did I walk, through the rain and whoosing winds frozen through and through. When I open my door it was a halleluiah praise rejoicing through my head. SHOWER! HEAT! BED! never in my life has anything been so wonderful. I was very content for several hours till I got a call from my best friend.

Friend: did you finish the review

Me: (sits up) what review?

Friend: The one for Algebra tomorrow. test.

Me: SHIT!!!!

Friend: (laughing his butt off) is that a no?

Me: that’s a hell no.

Friend: you are no use to me (he hangs up the phone)

Me: (sigh) I have the best friends.

Now I sit at my desk looking over impossible math problems that get worse every time I look at them. They grow fangs. (VV) . They want to suck my blood, no really they bite. I want someone to tell me when I will ever use Algebra in life. ever. like daily. I can tell you when not ever.

My point is this. Try to be optimistic about your day. I tried but some where between math problem number four and five it got lost. I don’t think it’s coming back for a while. . . .