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A Bath June 22, 2010

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Today, I gave the dog a bath. Sure this sounds like an easy, possibly fun task. HAH!

My dog, Sam, has the mind of a cat. If she sees water coming her way she is gone, literally. She won’t even come to eat if the water bowl is missing, that is how paranoid she is!

But see, I got smart, after six years I finally learned how she knew she was getting a bath. She has an incredible sense of ESP, that and she know what B-A-T-H spells.

So, today I grabbed her leash and took her outside, she was super excited. She loves walks as much as she hates water. To leashed her up and tied her to the fence. *Smile.

She was fine until she saw me get the hose, then all hell broke lose, I think we might owe my neighbors for a new fence board.

At the first spray of water, she howled like I was killing her. I wasn’t it was just harmless water, then shampooing. She glared at me the whole time *I kill you* she said with every look as I rinsed her off.

*I will never forgive you* she growled as I reshampooed her.

When I rinsed her off for the second time she looked like I was finally going to kill her.

*I hate you* she yapped as I toweled her dry. *Hate you, hate you, hate you-”

I brought out her brush and her tail started wagging. *I won’t hate you as much if you brush my tummy.* she rolled over her earlier hatred of me forgotten in the foot twitching belly rub.

Now I sit in my kitchen watching get mocked by the squirrels in our tree. They are chirping about how clean she is. She looks at me ever so often *I hate you.*

But I ignore it because her tails goes tock-tock. Her universal sign for just kidding.


Not so innocent nursery rhymes. *evil laugh* June 9, 2010

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Okay so, I started writing a ghost story a few days ago, and I needed a nursery rhyme. Naturally, Ring around the rosy came to mind. We use to sing in Elementary, never knew what it meant but we knew to fall at the end. So, I decide to look of the meaning behind one of America’s favorite nursery rhymes.

“Ring around the Rosy

Pocket full of Posy

Ashes, Ashes,

We all Fall Down”

Just another innocent and meaningless rhyme? It depends on your definition of innocence, for this song was born during a time so terrible it constituted a loss of innocence for the whole of Europe.

It is quite old… in fact it is more than five centuries old. But even though it is ancient, the origin of this song can be pinpointed very precisely within a 3 year period: 1347 – 1350.

Between these three years, fully one third of Europe’s population is estimated to have perished in what was called

The Black Plague

Children are resilient and ever adaptable. Imagine the children of the day, coping with the horror… and you can imagine the games they would play…

Ring around the Rosy

One of the first visible signs of infection were red rings surrounding a rosy bump, all over the victim’s body.

Pocket full of Posy

A common belief of the time was that the plague was borne on “foul air.” The rationale was that people could protect themselves from the bad air by keeping their local air smelling sweet. That, and it also helped them deal with the smell of death…

On the other hand, another sign of infection was the foul stench that would begin to emanate from the victim’s body as their lymph system began filling with blood. Those still mobile endeavored to mask their stench and avoid detection by carrying flowers on their person.

Ashes, Ashes,

In the terminal phases of the disease, victims would be hemorrhaging internally, sometimes triggering sneezing as it irritated the breathing passages. “Ashes” is a child’s approximation of a paroxysm of sneezing. In this weakened state, a victim could, and often did, sneeze their lungs out.

We all Fall Down

By now, this one should need little explanation…

See, this also got me thinking about another nursery rhyme. I know people use to sing rock a bye baby. If your parents didn’t sing it to you then, girls I know at least sung this rhyme to their dolls at least once.

“Rock a bye baby – in the tree top…”

A soothing childhood lullaby, right? You probably had it sung to you when you were an infant.
(But what’s a cradle doing in a tree top? Is that safe?)

“When the wind blows – the cradle will rock…”

Heck, you probably sang it to your siblings, dolls, or your own children.
(A rocking cradle, nice soothing image.)

“When the bough breaks – the cradle will fall…”

But did you ever listen to the words?
(When the bough breaks!? Hey, wait a minute! This is getting serious!)

“And down will come baby – cradle and all!”

What exactly is it we are supposed to be teaching our children with this little gem of a song? Doesn’t it seem a bit strange to plant such images subconsciously?
(And they wonder why kids have nightmares…)

If this interested you at all, I strongly suggest that you look up some of the songs that were sung to you as a child, you might be surprise at the meaning behind most of them. I was.


The Apple Tree May 12, 2010

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Last night, I slept awful. It’s finals week and I’m all in a tizzy studying for this and making a side not of this. I’m so nervous I could heave all over my scantron.

I’m tired and stressed and I got this idea to completely redo my story, nothing major just some names dates and some of the story line. eck! I know it’s crazy.

the highlight of my week was when we got my mom an apple tree. My dog, Sam took into her head that she likes apple trees, if my mom didn’t want it, she would take it.

“I said I want a peach tree.” My mom pouted about it looking at our gift.

“But they didn’t have any, didn’t you want an apricot one?” my sister asked her.

“No, apple is good.” she looked at the tree again, we all did.

Sam, my dog, decided that was the perfect time to come over. “Tree, tree!!” she bounded around it and sniffed. “my tree!”

she sat in front of it letting us know. “mine.”

she marched around and sniffed it. “Mine!” she bounced at us. “I will protect little tree.!” she looked at us. “you can go now!” she wouldn’t let us near the tree and still hasn‘t. we have to lock the crazy dog inside before we can water it and you can hear her howling inside when we go near it.

Now my funny puppy sits facing the tree, she’ll watch it and make sure no birds or squirrels get near it. When they do you would swear it is like they are trying to take one of her puppies, she goes crazy. So now the birds and squirrels have learned not to climb on the apple tree until she is asleep. =)


This Made me smile May 5, 2010

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This might come as a bit of a surprise but I am addicted to everything supernatural and paranormal, one of my favorite authors of all times has a blog which I read diligently, almost as much as I read my text books. . . on occasions more. I love Ilona Andrews and the Kate Daniels series, I would kill to get my hands on a copy of the fourth edition coming out on the twenty fifth but I’ll just have to wait like everyone else.


I am a woman obsessed. I was reading her blog a few moments ago and fell off my bed I was laughing so hard. It earned me a few “Has she gone crazy looks” from my friends but I didn’t care, it made my day and now I would like to share.


Girl Gone Wild ? March 1, 2010

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Okay, the weirdest thing happen this weekend. It was odd akward and the funniest thing that happen to me in a long time.

Okay so I’m sitting on the couch with my best friend Jason watching some movie or another, wait, I was watching Sex and the City, the part where Miranda realizes she does love Steve and goes to meet him at the bridge and comes to wonder if perhaps Steve doesn’t want her. It’s a really crucial moment. So, I’m sitting there my feet in his lap the music started playing and his phone went off just as it started getting good.

I decided not to pay attention, it was his phone if it was important he would tell me. Then I hear this.

Jason: “Dad what are you talking about? What!?!” Now I have him giving me odd looks while on the phone with his Dad.

Me: “What?” I’m whispering (Putting the television on pause.)

Jason: “yeah, she’s here.” well, my nosy bf couldn’t stand for me to have a conversation without him in on it. So he puts the phone on speaker.

Me: “Hello”

Daddy: “Chrissy!? I was sitting here and watching a movie. What are you doing on this movie?” Me and my BF look at each other.

Me: “Movie?”

Daddy: “Yea, your mother would be so disappointed in you!” Now he really confused me.

Me: “Daddy,” (I call my bf’s Dad daddy the way I call his mother Momma.)

“As far as I know, I’m not in any movie.”

Daddy: “well of course you wouldn’t know, you look drunk!”

Me: Stunned looking at my BF. “I’m sorry did you just say I was drunk.”

Jason: “Yep.”

Me: “Daddy what movie is this?”

Daddy: “Chrissy, what are you doing on girls gone wild!”

Me and my BF look at each other, both of us confused. I’d never been on girls gone wild, as far as I know Lauren hasn’t either.

Me: “Daddy I think the more important question is what are you doing watching girls gone wild?”

The silence on the other end was beyond priceless. It was wonderful and getting better by the second as his son falls out laughing. I mean falling on the floor rolling around breaking his side.

Me: (grin splitting my face.) “Daddy, what are you doing watching GGW? Does momma know about this?”

My answer was a silence before the sound of a disconnection.

It was hilarious, I laugh myself sick at least three time more past it being funny. Sex in the City just seem to dull in comparison so we called back Jason’s Dad to mess with him some more. I plan on asking Lauren about it later. . .