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Uneventful. May 5, 2010

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Lately my life has been wake up, go to class then head to another class, go home and study. I’m so sick of studying for finals I could throw all of my books out the window light them up and dance around the fire I made from them.

I can dream.

Whenever I can I try to do some editing on my novel, Autumn’s Beginning. It’s the first on I’ve completely finished and I’m just praying it isn’t to long or if it is that it is good enough to be that long. I’m nervous but I have made up my mind to send it in once I finish it. =) It would be the coolest thing if I actually got published and someone read my stories. We shall see.

I also started on the sequel to it, and the title is still in the works like the story. I love my characters and the plot that is beginning to take shape now I all I have to do is weave and bind it all together. Lucky me.

My family thinks I’ve gone completely insane because if I’m not studying I’m bent over my computer typing away and editing, I haven’t picked up a book for entertainment in. . . I don’t know how long. I don’t like reading and writing at the same time, it kind of throws me off and I don’t know why.


“Black” March 11, 2010

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Yes there is a difference in the way different ethnicities interrupt Standard English, we have our little add ons and additions that come from a cultural background and upbringing. But there is something I don’t understand. “what is talking black?” and what is “talking white?” can someone explain this to me. I’ve heard it for as long as I can remember but when I ask, no one knows how to explain it. Very annoying.

It’s in the middle of midterm season for me so I haven’t been writing everyday like I said I would but, if I don’t make the grade then I’ll be in a deep hole with dirt over my head. I sent in my application for nursing school so I can’t afford to grade drop now. But this one little thing happen in my English class that I felt the need to document. As our Midterm exam we had to write a single space, four page paper in class on the differences of “black english” from “white” This covered from writing styles to Ebonics to the history of why black people write the way they do. By the time I was finished writing this paper and listening to my teacher trying to help us write our paper I really wanted to curse at them. But that wouldn’t have been polite and he does hold my grade in his hand. But now I kind of feel guilty maybe I should have gone to the dean. He didn’t have a right, or I feel he didn’t have a right to speak like that or ask those questions. Yes black people have a certain way of talking but so do other cultures, what sets “Black English” away from everything else that there is a need to single it out. What made my professor think he could ask us, us as a group, as African-Americans minus two, including my professor, why we talk the way we do. . .it was very uncalled for. We could ask him why he wears the same clothes every day or every other day, we could ask him if his wife lets him walk out the house like that. But we don’t because that would be rude and disrespectful, the same can be said for what he just ask us. Some questions shouldn’t be ask aloud they should be pondered upon and ask to a really go friend, not your students.

Maybe I overreacted, maybe I didn’t but he did push a button with me. If he keeps pushing it he might not like the reaction he might get one day.


Wonderful February 26, 2010

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God is good, all day everyday. I know this cause I walked into my Chemistry class today full of fear for what was to come I was shaking as I sat down in my seat and pull out my scantron and number two pencil and filled in my name. I tried my best to act as if i wasn’t scared but the test coming had me shaking.

I sat there for a good five minutes along with several other trembling college students. Finally ten minutes in our dear professor slowly peeks through the door to tell us he has a meeting and class as well as the devil test has been cancelled.

Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!

I’m not even kidding. I nearly started crying I was so happy.

So with a smile on my lips and the rest my day to contemplate I walk home to share the good news.