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A Quickie July 9, 2010

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Being a writer, is it a known thing that I don’t know being that I’m new at this that; no matter how much you write. You still feel inadequate. It is a constant feeling knowing that I can do better, I want to do better always but I just don’t know how to reach where I want to be. 

Writing is bleeding out your soul, or at least letting it leak through. Using your feelings and a little bit of your brain to create moods of characters, settings, dialogue. It is a constant worry that I am not meeting the standard. Then I have to remember that it is a craft that has to be honed over time, practice and patience. I will get better- hopefully- I just have to work, pray, and work some more. It would be a miricale if I got to where I wanted to be in a year, I would start playing the lotto if it did happen. 

Until I get where I want to be, I will write, bleed, and live. Those are normal things, right? 


It is work that I enjoy, then that means it isn’t work. It is something that if I could do for the rest of my life I would be perfectly content with myself. 

signed, an aspiring writer. 




My Something. June 4, 2010

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I just posted another chapter to my story Autumn’s Beginning. And I’m about to post another chapter to Wish, I Never. After that I will be just a girl with blue toe nails who has a date with her four best friends; Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte, and Carrie. If you need me I will be at the movies to see Sex and the City 2.


Uneventful. May 5, 2010

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Lately my life has been wake up, go to class then head to another class, go home and study. I’m so sick of studying for finals I could throw all of my books out the window light them up and dance around the fire I made from them.

I can dream.

Whenever I can I try to do some editing on my novel, Autumn’s Beginning. It’s the first on I’ve completely finished and I’m just praying it isn’t to long or if it is that it is good enough to be that long. I’m nervous but I have made up my mind to send it in once I finish it. =) It would be the coolest thing if I actually got published and someone read my stories. We shall see.

I also started on the sequel to it, and the title is still in the works like the story. I love my characters and the plot that is beginning to take shape now I all I have to do is weave and bind it all together. Lucky me.

My family thinks I’ve gone completely insane because if I’m not studying I’m bent over my computer typing away and editing, I haven’t picked up a book for entertainment in. . . I don’t know how long. I don’t like reading and writing at the same time, it kind of throws me off and I don’t know why.


Stolen February 21, 2010

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I don’t know whether to be mad or flattered that someone stole my work. So I’ll be mad, I just found out some one pasted my work and posted it as their own with another name last night. It was painfully obvious the witch who did it didn’t even change the name of the characters nor even a scrap of the plot. It hurt to think that you are so sad and pathetic that you have to go and steal my work or anyone else’s to call yourself a writer. I mean does it make them feel better that people are complimenting them for something that they never thought of in the first place? You must feel so accomplished.

I will say this, how sad for you. There is nothing for you in writing if the story is not yours. I spent months on that plot and story, I spent weeks planning out my character descriptions and it is gone in three seconds of copy and paste. Well that’s what I get for wanting feedback huh? Personally I didn’t think I was that good of a writer to have anyone steal from me. But now I’m questioning what i should do. Should I take down all my work and just write for myself or should I continue to post it and pray that it doesn’t get stolen again? What do you think? I have no idea but I do know I will rewrite that story and change things and go from there. For now it will stay posted and for the world to see. If you feel need to take my ideas then I will say this. How sad for you.


Think February 15, 2010

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I love my family truly but sometimes. . . I just don’t know. Why should I feel guilty or why should they want to make me feel guilty for the things I’ve done, for the things I want to do. I shouldn’t have to hide the fact that I love to write. I shouldn’t be ashamed of the fact I’d rather have my nose in a book. I’m not ashamed of what I do and what I love to do I just wish I could get support behind me. The only person that doest that is my sister, she likes to write but I think I’m submerged a bit more into what I like to do then she is. Lauren has always been more outgoing. That’s a story for later though.
Today, while I was sitting bored out of my mind in Chemistry I was looking up publishing companies. I had to force myself to stop and pay attention but even then my mind was reeling. It’s an ongoing cycle. You can’t get you foot in the door without an agent, you can’t get an agent with out published work. You cant get your work published with out an agent unless you’re self publishing,  but they tell you not to do it. You can do it on their website but you have to have this and this and this. Impossible.
I sat in my chair rocking away but still disgusted at the circles they had weave so tightly around us all. It might be easier to become an actor. I don’t want to be I’m just saying. think about it, you have commercials, modeling, etc, other things like that.   Writing it’s either you have your foot in the door or you’re looking at it wistfully. I thought of all this before I then thought.
“people are so concern with selling novels they need to be concerned with writing them.” I feel this is true. I think about people reading my work, dream about it really. I need to focus on my words and make sure my reader has something they want to devour and reread again and again. I don’t want them to buy something with my name on it only to regret it or read empty words. Where is the point in that? Time is something you can never get back, use it wisely. There is nothing worse than a book that disappoints.



Writer February 5, 2010

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I’m a writer by choice. That is what I do. I love to write. I might not be all that great and it might never get me anywhere but it is the best thing in the world. If I could write for a living I would forever be content with life. If people loved to read my thoughts on paper then I would know the true meaning of joy. You can critize it cause I know it isn’t perfect and needs so much work but if you reject it will merely laugh. I know one day I will get where I want to be.

Until that day I will sit at my desk with my laptop in from of me and I will write pouring out the things of my heart and the thoughts that consume my mind. I am a slave to my paper and pen and a lover of words. I couldn’t break free from them if I wanted too. I’m going to tell you a secret. I don’t want to.